Monday, February 2, 2015

Thunderbird Watch: Holiday World Shows Off Thunderbird's Station House and Barn Fly Through

Well, construction of the track may have been completed well ahead of schedule and the trains have started to arrive but there's a lot more finish up with Holiday World's first all steel coaster.

Most notably, the station house and the barn fly through that riders will be sent careening through not once, but twice! They're definitely getting there with things though and with the barn complete, that only leaves the station to be finished off.

So, let's get down what you came for, the pictures. First up, a look at the mostly complete station for this ground breaking new coaster.

Still a good bit to go here, but definitely getting there and can't wait to see when it's done. Next up? A little bit of coaster nirvana as Holiday World has given us some really unique looks at the barn fly through section of the ride!

Definitely going to be one helluva a trip through there, and it looks like someone's gotten a little too least they appear to have kept their hands? Loving that touch there in the last shot, always fun to see parks have a little humor about things with these features.

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