Saturday, February 28, 2015

Universal Orlando Raises Ticket Prices

It's that time of year and it seems that once Disney raises their prices in Central Florida, everyone else follows suit not too long after. It happens ever year and that means Universal Orlando has announced their new pricing changes as well.

Again, it's not a surprise at all, but it's interesting to not that both parks are now over $100 mark. One has to wonder just how much higher they can go before they end up pricing people out or getting a bad reaction.

So, if you're heading to Universal Orlando and haven't bought your tickets, here's what you can expect to pay with the new rates:
One day - One park ticket: $102 (up $6) for adults and $97 for children (up $7).
One Day - 2park ticket:  $147 for adults (up $11) and $142 for children (up $12)
Right now the park is advertising buy 2 days, get the 3rd free, so at least that can help mitigate some of the cost a little as it drops the daily cost down quite a bit with that extra time tacked on. Though, if they keep this up, it'll make more sense to just buy a season pass if you plan to be at the park for any length of time.

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