Thursday, May 28, 2015

Busch Gardens Tampa Announces Cobra's Curse Coming in 2016!

Yep, that's right, yet another coaster announcement out of Central Florida. However, unlike it's sister park,  Busch Gardens Tampa is going a slightly different route with their newest coaster. They've gone a little more family friendly with Cobra's Curse!

This is a great thing that they're doing, as everyone has to start somewhere. The Egyptian archeological dig theming fits in great, as it will be located right alongside Montu. So, while kids might not be big enough for one of the best coasters in the world, they'll still have something pretty special to experience themselves right in the same area of the park.

Cobra's Curse, built by Mack Rides, is the newest addition to the coaster line up will feature some really interesting elements and many of them never seen on a spinning coaster. Ride cars will feature 8 riders per train, each featuring two cars with two rows each. Not only is it a spinning coaster, but it also has a vertical lift hill. Yep, that's right, going straight up an "elevator style lift" which takes riders up to 70ft before they start down their wild ride through the excavation site at speeds up to 40mph. 

What happens over the course of the ride is definitely interesting! During the first segment, riders will experience elements both forwards and backwards as the train will lock in place for those sections of the ride. Then, after the second lift hill (yep, two lift hills!), the ride unlocks and becomes free spinning for the remainder of the nearly four minute long ride.

Really is some new and unique elements to this one. I can't say that I've ever heard of a coaster doing all of this while keeping things in the "family friendly" end of things. Should be a pretty big hit.

Check out the announcement video below:

That's a lot to take in and it looks like Busch Gardens Tampa is adding in a great addition for the younger and less thrill prone folks out there. Heck, even I'm looking forward to giving this one a spin when it opens, never can have too many coaster experiences out there!

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