Saturday, March 19, 2016

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces Park's First Wooden Coaster for 2017

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has announced that in 2017, a brand new coaster will be coming to the park. This time, the park's first ever wooden coaster! Yep, that's long last there will be a woodie within the confines of BGW.

There's not a ton of details out about this one just yet, as 2017 is a bit far off, but we do know that the coaster, built by Great Coasters International, will feature a few different elements and we know it's top speed. After a 74ft drop, riders will hit speeds of 48mph and will have 9 air time hills as trains cover over 2100ft of track. Sounds tame, but remember, some of the best coasters in the world aren't the fastest either.

Outside of that, the coaster will be going in the New France section of the park and will be themed around the idea of a Viking invasion where the settlers of New France will have to defend themselves against the invading hordes. Definitely going to be interesting to see just how that plays out with theming and other ride elements. 

Speaking of that, one of the more interesting things about this is that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is involving park goers and coaster fanatics alike to help with the decision making process. Yep, you heard that right. Not only is the name of the new coaster up for a vote right now, you can vote once a day here, but they're also going to be letting everyone vote on certain elements of the ride and theming as well!

And that's about all there is at the moment. Be sure to stick around as we'll definitely be covering the developments of this all throughout the progress, and check out the full trailer for the ride below!

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