Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Universal Orlando- What is happening with Wet'N'Wild

If you grew up in Orlando...
...or just spent your vacations there...
Then seeing this rather breaks your heart.

Who didn't have at least one amazing day, normally with friends, over at Wet'n'Wild? We all did, it was rather a right of passage to those of us who grew up in Orlando. The antics, the smell of chlorine and (most importantly) eyeing up the gender of your choice! Also, they had slides!

However, today's news now reveals exactly what Universal Orlando Resort plans to do with the property of Wet'n'Wild, which they purchased in 1998. Later to close it permanently in December 2016, as the park is now set to open it's own water park- Volcano Bay in May 2017.

Again with those awesome MSPaint Skills!

Over here, we see the general property of Wet'N'Wild along Universal Blvd.

Today in a news clip published by Theme Park Insider it's been discovered exactly what will be happening to that property. Can you guess?

Well if you said 'More Hotels' you are correct. Universal has filed permits with the City of Orlando to build additional UOR Hotels on the 64 acres that once housed Wet'n'Wild.

Although there is no comment or information regarding HOW exactly these hotels will connect to the Universal Orlando Property. The likely guess is a shuttle service, which will be an additional increase of traffic on already busy roads. I've seen a few other guesses, fairly far-fetched, about extending the boat canal and even a monorail type deal. However, those would likely be future projects since I can't find any hint of them online (at least, for now).

To me, at least, it seems a bit off for Universal to extend this far outside the typical boundaries and not for park expansion. Rather, more hotel space. Which, if you've ever been down International Drive, has hotels a-plenty.  It's no longer 'on property' so how can they command the rates Universal Orlando enjoys charging for hotels?

Either way, at least we know the fate.. which has always been suspected.

At least we've still got our memories. Even if it is sad another generation won't get to make them for themselves.

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