Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kings Island- Firehawk Demolition

 Firehawk Demolition at Kings Island. 

Normally we're sad to see coaster demolished but sometimes, it's got to happen. More so when it's an old Vekoma that's painful to look at and more painful to ride. Which is the current situation with Firehawk at Kings Island.  While this makes us wonder what will soon be taking it's place, we've got some video that is both shockingly amusing (to those of us who've had the pain of riding Firehawk) and interesting to see the process used in coaster demolition.

These were found of YouTube which show the lift hill being brought down as well as someone having some fun, tipping over the loop.

For those who might miss Firehawk or never got the chance to ride it, we've also added in the POV down below for your viewing (or cringing) enjoyment!

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