Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Steel Curtain - Record Breaking Coaster at Kennywood Park

Hello again all!!!

I am writing from the frozen depths of Pittsburgh; okay maybe not frozen but pretty darn close if I say so myself.

Speaking of Pittsburgh; Kennywood Park is opening it's newest attraction in Summer 2019!!  Now, I truly enjoy going to Kennywood during the summer season because it's still one of those nice parks where even if you don't ride, walking around is fun.

Onto the new bit though THE STEEL CURTAIN

This coaster will be located in the newest additional of the park, aptly named Steelers Country.  This is a nod to our hometown football team The Pittsburgh Steelers and the name of the coaster is a nod to the nickname of the 1970s defensive line.  Honestly, this city LOVES the football team.

So on to some STATS on this new construction coaster:

Height: 220'
Max Speed: 76 mph/122 kph
Time: 2 minutes
Trains: 2 trains with 6 cars equaling 24 riders
Track: 4,000 ft of track
Inversions: 9
Lift Angle: 50 degrees
Manufactuer: S&S - Sansei Technologies

Kennywood is no stranger to record-holding. Now they will claim a few more for my hometown park. This new coaster will break 3 records, including a world record. 
1: Pennsylvania State Record for Tallest Roller Coaster
2: North American Record for Most Inversions
3: World Record for Tallest Inversion

Pretty darn impressive for my little hometown park if I do say so myself.  This new area will be located at the back of the park where the Log Jammer used to be near the Aero 360 picnic groves.  It's not far from the main entrance and should be visible from there especially considering the height.

Onto the picture bit!!  Kennywood's Facebook has released quite a number of pictures showing what the area will look like plus how construction is moving along; which isn't bad considering the weird winter we've had here.





As you can see the construction is moving right along at a nice pace.  We've also got the ride video that Kennywood put together via YouTube.

This looks like it'll be a pretty nice ride and hopefully Kennywood will keep up with the maintenance needed so the ride stays smooth over the years; especially with the winters we get.

Since I am a huge fan of Kennywood Park I truly love seeing them updating and staying relevant with the bigger parks.  I am excited to ride The Steel Curtain, even though all those twists will probably mess with my stomach (I'm weird like that).

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