Friday, May 29, 2020

Disney Slashes Reservations, Hotels, Dining and FastPasses

The new 'Disney World Resort' in a post COVID19 world will have a new look and extremely limited service, reservations and options for guests.

Honestly, I'm not sure what the world expected in a post-plague world but it seems that the changes coming to Disney World are not what the public expected.

Today details dropped from Disney World in regards to exactly what changes would be happening around the resort. The changes are massive, and from dining plans to FastPasses, the world will not look the same when it reopens and likely not for a long time.

Full Stop on Sales
Reservations and Ticket Sales are gone. Disney has decided to currently halt all new ticket sales and reservations for the resort. The parks state this is to help accommodate those who have already repurchased or moved reservations due to the closure due to COVID19. Meaning you cannot currently reserve a hotel room, purchase a package or buy a ticket to visit any Disney World park now or for the current future.   Only existing reservations will stay in place, with no word on when things may resume.

Yes, you read this correctly: You cannot currently buy a ticket to visit Disney World.

Booking Window Cuts
The normal booking period for Disney is normally 180 days in advance, in this new world that time has been slashed and is now currently only 60 days in advance.

Extra Magic Hours Halted
Disney has stated any and all previously planned 'Extra Magic Hours' are halted and will not be used in the forthcoming reopening.

Dining Reservations and Plans Slashed
Disney stated today that all current dining plans and dining reservations are cancelled. You can't make, book or otherwise use dining reservations previously made at the parks. Those with a dining plan will no longer have that option and will need to make other arrangements.
You can re-book some limited dining experiences within a 60 day window.

FastPasses Suspended
The FastPass system is fully suspended. Until further noticed, the current system of FastPass+ will be suspended to allow for all additional line space to be used to accommodate social distancing.
No more FastPasses.

Magicband Sales Halted
Disney has suspended and removed all sales of MagicBands for the foreseeable future. Only current orders or already shipped MagicBands will be received.

Experiences Cancelled
Disney has cancelled all "high touch experiences" within the parks. Meaning make-over experiences like 'Bibbity-Bobbity Boutique' are closed. Along with this the parks stated that playgounds. golfing and character experiences are also unavailable to guests.

These details were released and clarified in the last two days. With these new and massive changes to the park the landscape of Disney World continues to evolve in this pre-reopening phase. The reservation system for visiting the parks has not yet been released, details of that are expected to drop in the coming dates.

For more details, you can read all the changes on the Disney World information page.

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