Monday, January 30, 2012

It's been rather quiet lately..

Not many interesting developments or new announcements really worth expounding upon since so many things have been expected lately.

-Verbolten track has been completed and appears on schedule for the Spring/Summer 2012 opening.

-Universal Studios Orlando has announced a new Night show for the lagoon in the middle of the park having to do with there 100 year movie anniversary.
There is also a new parade which will  be aimed mostly towards kids with typical suspects Spongebob, Dora, Diego, Despicable Me and Others. 
Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is finally getting around to the complete upgrade for the new HD projectors and 'ride upgrades' which hopfully means they're going to smooth it out the programing and hydraulics within the ride cars, it's been very rough the last few years.
Despicable Me, which replaced Jimmy Neutron still has no set opening date other then "Summer of 2012" but has released some interesting teases of the inside and animation. Although it still looks like the same tired idea of both Jimmy and the once great Hanna Barbara ride. Hopefully it's had a complete refurbishment to all the 'ride' systems in order to make the 'ride' (and I use that term loosely) smoother then running over cobblestone streets in a car without shocks!
Now since I'm not worthy of being invited to the press-release (more followers please?) you'll have to go see Orlando Theme Park News: USO to see the pictures offered up.

-LegoLand Orlando annouced a waterpark on property to open in May of 2012. Honestly it's nice to hear that their going to re-use the park which was already on property and built by Cypress Gardens. I was wondering if it would be demolished for more room at this point since it's probably going to take some heavy work to bring back into service. However there really isn't much new expect for a kids play area, everything else was already there. Although I've got to admit, being able to build Duplo pieces onto your tube while crusing the lazy river sounds like fun to me!
Legoland Waterpark Orlando

-Disney World has a lot of Refurbishments going on right now, a pretty extensive list so if your planning to be down in Orlando in the next month or three it's worth taking a look at. I'll post it up for you at the end of this piece.
The Fantasyland expansion seems to be going very well and on schedule according to information currently available. As always Orlando Theme Park News has a new stash of update pictures again for this week! Make's me wish I was done with college and back in Orlando myself, I'm sure rumors are flying if you keep your ear to the ground!

Currently Down in Magic Kingdom: Dumbo, Magic Carpets, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Liberty Riverboat.
Hollywood Studios: Backlot Studio Tour, Fantasmic!
Animal Kingdom: Kali River Rapids
Epcot: Test Track (Starting in April)

-SeaWorld Orlando has been rather quiet lately after the news of Turtle Trek which is currently going into the space once occupied by the Manatees, no idea if they'll be integrated or removed yet.  The information has been pretty closed mouth from what I've personally seen lately.
They've also removed my old personal stomping grounds, Penguin Encounter is now to be no more. I'll miss the smell of penguin crap, saltwater, raw fish and old carpet. I just don't think the new 'Antarctica-Empire of the Penguin will have the same unique smell to it! Although the concepts I've seen floating around on the internet seem interesting, I've got some doubts. It sounds suspiciously like "Wild Arctic only with Penguins rather then Polar Bears" in by book, but we'll have to wait and see until newer details emerge.
Seaworld Orlando Annoucement

Until the next time, Safe Travels!

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