Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Wow, I've been very productive today.
I've been missing a lot of updates lately, so I've got plenty of things I've been needing to get posted up here. In line with that thought, I've got another little piece of goodies for you today.

No Fear, This is GOOD news for once!

Verbolten, the new coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is making plenty of progress to open for the 2012 theme park season. Verbolten is the new coaster which will replaced the much beloved Big Bad Wolf, while not anything near our beloved Wolfie,  has lots of interesting potential!

Lately a new "Sneak Peek" trailer is out for the ride. Personally I did a completel "Fan Girl SQUEAL" when I saw it and have many high hope for the ride.  So without me babbling more, I've added the video for everyone to enjoy!

Not much is known really about Verbolten and what elements the ride is going to include other then a rather large "ride building" and some very interesting plans. If you hope over to Theme Park Review one fan has many pictures of the elements which will be enclosed within the show building. There is also the "Drop Element" which has been a huge and interesting piece many of us can't wait for.

Pop over to those awesome folks at BGW Fans  to take a look at all the various goodies going into the attraction!

So I leave you now, hopefully on a bright and excited note for an amazing attraction.

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