Monday, March 12, 2012

Just a quick blurb: Soft Opening of New FantasyLand

Just a quick note for everyone

Reports are flying left and right this afternoon that 'The Great Goofini' and 1/2 of the 'Dueling Dumbos' has quietly soft opened today at Magic Kingdom.
WESH: Disney Fans Tweet from new Storybook Land.

Here are a few pictures, supplied by Avengador1 from who popped over today to get a look at it.
Photo's used with his permission.

Things are looking pretty amazing over there. I have to say I like the new Dumbo base and look forward to pictures of how the queue line is going. Although I'm not overly impressed with the Great Goofini theming (does anyone else see that sign that still says Barnstormer or am I seeing things here?!) as it seems a bit plan from what I can see here.  Hopefully more pictures to come soon!

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