Wednesday, March 14, 2012

News around the Theme Park Circuit- East Coast Edition

Greetings Again!

I hope your all getting ready for a wonderful summer of traveling and theme park attendance, I know that I'm certainly looking forward to the trips I've got planned.  Was it just me or was this winter entirely weird? Time for some warm weather and a look at what's new and exciting around the east coast theme park circuit.

 Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Verbolten Opening
Rumors are flying threw the air about a soft open for Verbolten starting sometime around March 31 with the full opening coming late this spring, projected for sometime late April.

Flying Turns at Knoebels: 2012 Opening?
Well rumors are once again saying that Flying Turns may possibly have a late 2012 season opening. Knoebels has been very closed mouthed in regards to updates on the ride since late 2011.

SkyRush at Hershey Park: 5/2012
Slated to open in May 2012
Construction is nearing completion on the new Intamin psycho-coaster to open up. I'm starting to wonder if Hershey is going to run out of places to stuff these things in!

Dorney Park: Stinger
Another relocation from Six Flags Cedar Point is coming to Dorney Park this year. Yet another obnoxious Vekoma Boomerang, moved from California's Great America.

Dollywood: Wild Eagle 3/2012
Set to start testing in late March (if not already) this will be the first Wing Coaster from our friends at B&M built on the east coast.  Looks to be a truly awesome ride once it gets open.  Plus I doubt Dollywood will try to pull the same kind of stunt that the nutters over at Thorpe Park did!

Kennywood: Black Widow 2012
Well it seems Kennywood really is doing the "boxed attractions" route now with new owners. Seems those of us out here in Pittsburgh are the proud new owners of a (augh) swinging, spinning pendulum ride.
Wonder how much they'll raise ticket prices for this lawn ornament?

 Six Flags: Fiesta Texas, Great Adventure
Sky Screamer 2012.

Not to be outdone by their not-so-creative-now competition Six Flags has gone and made an answer to Cedar Fairs "Wind Seeker". Get this, same concept only we're gonna do it with CHAINS like a classic wave swinger! Sounds ever so safe with your feet dangling 100+ feet in the air. These have already had problems but forget that! We'll keep installing them, Great Idea!

Cedar Point: 2012
Yup, you guessed it. Cause it was so massively popular? Anyway, rather then doing some cool (stick to coasters) our friends over at Cedar Point have gone and installed yet another clone of the Dinosaurs Alive attraction. This time Cedar Point its-self has gotten this one. Are we spotting the Six Flags trend here yet?

Six Flags New England: 2012
Six Flags is moving Deja Vu from Magic Mountain (it never worked right) to Six Flags New England for the 2012 season. Wonder if they needed a new lawn ornament?

Six Flag Great America: 2012
Looks like they are getting a B&M X-Flight flying style coaster for the 2012 season. A fresh built B&M at that,  I've forgotten Six Flag could do fresh builds!

Six Flags America: 2012 Apocalypse
Six Flags is moving the former "Iron Wolf" coaster from Great America and is coming to Maryland under the name of Apocalypse. A large, old stand-up coaster. Might be a nice change?

 Seaworld Adventure Park Orlando: 2012
TurtleTrek (Augh) is replacing Manatee Encounter. Supposedly to have a 360 degree, 3D movie theather added into the attraction of a Sea Turtles journey. Followed by an exhibit of (get this) Turtles!
Freestyle Music Park: Sold?!
Rumors are that a Russian company is currently in talks to purchase the (badly placed) Freestyle Music Park in Myrtle Beach, NC.  There is no current news as to if this has fallen threw or may really happen, sad to see anything rusting away like this place currently is.

Bluegrass Boardwalk: 2013
Formerly Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
It's official! The amazing people of the Koch Family who own and operate Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN have signed a deal with the state of Kentucky to re-open the former Six Flags park.  You can follow all the updates of the Koch family putting this park back together at

Well, I hope this keeps you all up-to-date in the current news and openings.  I've probably missed some or several that are going on around the east coast, so please feel free to comment on them!

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