Sunday, April 1, 2012

Test Track makeover halted?!

There has been a rumor going about which reached me a few days ago but due to mid-terms I haven't been able to post much. However this is to interesting NOT to get up quickly!

The GM/Disney deal for the Re-Imagined Test Track may have gone belly up.
Cast Members have gotten no information or confirmation over the impending closure which was scheduled for an April 15th close. It's unknown if this is a complete cancellation of the project or just a delay. With only 14 days left, it's highly unusual that even employees of the attraction haven't been given notice or re-assignments.
I received word stating that the info had been removed from several parts of various Disney World and Epcot websites but still remains on the Disney Parks Blog. I'm not able to locate any additional info on this matter at the moment although Epcot Explorer is also reporting on the matter.

I'll fish around to some of my inside sources and see if I can't dig up anything more pertinent then rumors.  Until then we'll all have to wait till April 15th and see what happens.

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