Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Distraction- Saturday 5/19

Saturday 5/19
(Sorry for missing Fridays "Daily Distraction" but it seemed by body had different plans!)

Today's Daily Distraction is "Hanna-Barbara Land" which was proposed for DisneyLand long before Universal Studios ever had the rights to the Cartoons an Characters. As a happy Two-Part, this blog "Imagineering Disney" is also another personal favorite of mine! I recommend their "THEN AND NOW" series as well as the "ABANDONED DISNEY" series also! Hopefully with some luck, I can eventually turn Insanity Lurks Inside into that kind of blog only with more focus on parks other then Disney!
However I decided to post up some Disney related links first, growing up in Florida has tainted me ;)
I promise, there will be other things too! Never fear!


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