Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rumor Patrol- Universal Orlando, SS44?

It's time for another rumor!
Special Saturday Edition!

Universal Studios Orlando has filed permits to transform SoundStage 44 (SS44), the old Xena and Hercules attraction into something new. Once this rumor hit the internet, light speed took over and many are speculation on what it could possibly be. Now most of the serious Universal Fans are begging and pleading for a copy of Transformers to be put into the Orlando park. However, over a year ago now management at Universal Orlando stated they had no plans to bring Transformers to Orlando anytime in the future.
For those not familiar, Transformers is a very similar attraction to the "Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man" a 3D film overlaid with a full motion ride car.  While it's gotten rave reviews from Hollywood and let's face it.. it sounds COOL AS HELL. I just don't know if it would be a good fit for the Orlando Studios but that's just my opinion.

Back to the Rumor!
Today a new one has come to my attention, this may be a clone attraction that isn't Transformers. It may well be a larger version of "Universals House of Horrors" which is an indoor, walk-threw haunted house type of attraction.  Considering the location of SS44, this makes a lot more sense as it's located close to the Universal Monster Cafe and close also to the Monster Make-up Show. Universal LOVES their Monsters and let's face it, they've never yet gone out of style.
Frankly, I think this would be an excellent addition.
Why? Easy!
I love the Universal Monsters, I love the history they have and the fact that they truly a classic piece of the Silver Screen. No matter how cheesy, you simply still love them. Universal Orlando also has a very rich history of scaring the living shit out of people yearly with Halloween Horror Nights, it's my opinion of the best Haunted Attraction it the US. I also firmly believe that every Theme or Amusement Park worth their ticket price should have a good Haunted House.

So Folks, bash it as you may but personally I like this idea far better then a Transformers Clone!

To give you an idea of the location:
(Again keep in mind, I'm no artist!)

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