Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daily Distractions- 6/26

Daily Distraction 6/26

Good Morning!
You may have noticed, Daily Distractions has been a bit spotty on updates lately. Well it's an easy explanation, I've got to dig up new material for you lovely folks! That's right, the list I made when I began 'Daily Distractions' has pretty much empty now. So this week, I'll be hunting down fun and exciting new things to post up for the Daily Distractions!

Anyway, let's get onto today's distraction!

Today I've got something fun and very much geeky for you, a lovely set of blue-prints which feature many of Disney's Signature rides from all their parks across the globe! This lovely set of goodies comes to us from a Flickr user named Enfilm. How they have all these I've got no idea but I'd love to have some of them printed as wall art for myself!

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