Friday, July 27, 2012

Kings Island Annoucement: Son of Beast WILL be torn down.


About one hour ago, Kings Island announced the long suspected fate of the roller coaster "Son of Beast" on their Facebook page.  Son of Beast will be completely demolished during the winter closure of the park. 

As you may know, Son of Beast has been plagued with problems and accidents during it's nine year history. Including two accidents, the last one in 2009 which was the death-bell of the ride. 2009 being the last year of operation the ride saw even though this "Accident" was never proven or reported to the park. That's just stupid if you ask me!

The Son of Beast was the only wooden coaster to have a complete inversion, a loop. This was removed in 2006, since this point the ride has never been the same nor ever recovered. It's not surprising at this point that Kings Island will demolish the ride completely, after 4 years and zero maintenance the structure doesn't look healthy to begin with. 

 Rest in Peace.
Taken at Kings Island, Beast Line during Halloween 2011.

Whatever your opinion my be, it's a sad day for Roller Coasters Fans.

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