Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mysterious Illness effecting Disney Guests.


A new illness has been effecting people visiting Disney Worlds' Animal Kingdom.

Once of their "Boutique" tours called "Wild Africa Trek" has been reportedly causing illness to guests who've been on the tour.  The  Trek is a tour of small groups who go out onto the savannah and have a catered meal while being up close to some of the animals. 
Dozens of causes of illness have been reported to the Orange Country Health Department, All being guests who have taken this exact tour. The cause of the illness is currently unknown, it could be air-born or food-born but the causes are very similar to a bad stomach flu. 

Disney is taking precautions, including heavy sanitizing of all equipment and stricter cleanliness rules. However these things still haven't stopped whatever this illness is. They claim to be working with the Health Department very closely. 

Read the full story: Orlando Sentinel

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  1. Where's Dr. Cynthia Lair when you need her? *reference implied.*