Monday, August 6, 2012

All the little things..

All those little things...

It happens to everyone, you stumble upon those smaller articles that while really fun and interesting, just don't dictate an entire blog post. Now it you followed me over on Google+ you'd see a lot of these little random pieces of news that I find, but since I know for a fact most of you DON'T someone pointed out I should do somekind of "Round-Up" type piece.  So "All those little things.." is going to be it! Depending on how busy the month is, I'm going to post up many of the little articles I find and post to places like Google+ and Twitter back here on the blog.

So, we'll begin with July/August! 

Virtual Tours of Kennedy Space Center:
NASA and GoogleMaps have teamed up and brought out a fun little thing for folks, if you can't travel to Kennedy Space Center but have always wanted to see or experience a NASA tour.. then this is the link for you!

Fan builds full WALL-E Replica: 
One fan, who has built amazing robots in the past (such as a working R2D2) spent 3,800 hours and completed a fully working and WALL-E Robot!

Muppets Take Broadway:
Stitch Kingdom brings us an interesting piece. The Muppets may yet take Manhattan, only this time they may take the Broadway stage in their very own show!

Cutbacks may hurt Country Bears:
Well I can't say I'm pleased with stumbling across this piece. Rumor is having it that with the new Fantasyland we may see cuts to a classic Disney World Show, The Country Bears. They show may suffer cut-backs and the removal of an entire classic scene. 

Dine with Shamu Returns:
Seaworld has finally managed to complete some of their massive rehab project in attempt the make not only their animals and trainers safer. This has allowed them to finally re-open their "Dine with Shamu" area and the dinner/show. 

Before Disney, History Time:
Before Disneyland or Disney World showed up. We had smaller amusement parks spread all across America. Most of them haven't survived the invent of modern theme parks but this little history piece takes a look at one small Kiddieland!

Magic Kingdom now offers Wifi:
As if amusement parks where not chaotic enough! Magic Kingdom is now offering free WiFi to their daily guests.

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