Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Geauga Lake- The Mystery of Raging Wolf Bobs

The Mystery of Raging Wolf Bobs..?

Many of you may not remember a small amusement park located in Aurora Ohio called Geauga Lake.  It was founded in 1887 and thrived for a while until the evil empire of Six Flags got their grubby paws on it, after that it was a downhill slide that not even money could fix. 

Now you may well know I've got a hate/hate/tolerate relationship with Six Flags. I don't like them, I don't like their theories or their practices.. and I surely don't like how they think they can just take over any-damn-thing they want! However I will admit Great Adventure is in fact a wonderful park, but it's the only one other then Magic Mountain that doesn't suck.

Anyway.. I'm ranting again. Let's get back to the point!

Raging Wolf Bobs is a wooden roller coaster, built off a classic desgin called "The Bobs" which was located in Riverview Park, Chicago, Illinois. 'The Bobs' is referred as the ultimate wooden coaster by many, it also suffered a horrible fate. Either way, Raging Wolf Bobs is based of this attraction and was built in 1988 making it an instant classic. 

Surviving the hand of both Six Flags and Cedar Point, the ride still stands defunct today... or does it?

Raging Wolf Bobs and the sister woodie at Geauga Lake "Big Dipper" where sold at auction after the park closed under the Cedar Point flag. The buyer is "Unnamed" and needless to say people have had their panties in a knot about it since. Recently rumor has gone completely batshit wild about the demolition of Raging Wolf Bobs but I've noticed something funny while playing with Google Maps. 

Look closely.
That doesn't look like any form of demolition I've ever seen! 
If your demolishing something, you don't save track pieces. You don't save parts.. you run a wrecking ball threw the hold damn thing. Even if your scraping the metal, you do that after the ride has come down. 

Don't believe me? 

That. That right there is what pure coaster destruction looks like, it hurts to look at doesn't it?
This was the fate of the classic coasters of Idora park, your looking at the bones of the Wildcat.

What's going on at Geauga Lake isn't destruction. I've never seen a coaster come down in pieces like that when it wasn't either being saved or moved. So long as they have the exact blueprints and the track, the lift hill and supports can easily be re-created and re-built.  So frankly, I don't believe we're seeing the end of Raging Wolf Bobs. We're seeing a transition, at least it looks to me like that.

A closer look. I'll have to get out there and inspect this myself!

People swear they know who the mystery owner is, they also swear he's an ass. Frankly, no one knows who it is. The name hasn't been disclosed and the information isn't public. This is the internet, anyone can claim to be anyone on here... even the owner of Raging Wolf Bobs. Until the information and bill of sale are made public or the coaster is reconstructed someplace, we're not going to know.  So rather being being pessimists about it, lets just hope these pictures mean a real move and we'll get to keep at least one or two classic coasters away from the bulldozer.

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