Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roadside America- Hershey Park

Today we're looking at Hershey Park, which I'm told is in fact a local park! I was surprised to hear this, being fairly sure most folks would have heard of the worlds sweetest amusement park!

Hershey Park is located in Hershey, PA. Which is about 15 miles from Harrisburg, PA and about 100 miles from Philadelphia, PA.

We've all heard of Hershey's Chocolate and if you haven't, you've got my pity! Needless to say the chocolate from the park is fresh and so very much more tasty!  Hershey Park was owned by Chocolate Mogul, Milton Hershey and began live in 1905 when it was purchased as a pleasure area for the Hershey factory employees. It also boasts several amazing, world class roller coasters. It all began in 1923 with the Wildcat, in the 1970's Hershey Park really got into the Amusement Park game by adding the very first looping roller coaster in the east coast!
Over the years, Hershey has upped it's game into what many consider to be a hidden world class amusement park. Plenty of classic wodden coasters mingle alongside of some of the newest coaster technology.

On a personal note: If you go to Hershey, down in the valley behind Sidewinder you've find some of the best Barbeque EVER in a theme park! Plus their prices are decent and you'll have enough fuel for hours of amusement park fun!

They also have Chocolate World, which is a huge retail outlet for all the products Hershey makes. It also boasts an adorable flat-ride that gives you a good idea of how chocolate is made and always comes with a sample of Hershey's newest treat! Chocolate World is completely free for anyone to visit and browse, which is a nice added bonus if your just passing threw!

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