Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roadside America- Knoebels Grove

Good Morning!
We're still working our way threw the fun little roadside parks of America, those that are off the beaten path. The fun places often overshadowed by the industry GIANTS.

Today we're taking a peak at one of my FAVORITE little hidden gems. Knoebels Park is tucked into the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in a small town called Elysburg. Which is off Interstate 80, about 3 hours north of Philadelphia!

Knoebels began life in 1775 as "Peggy's Farm" and was offering things like "Tally-Ho" which is a destination Hayride happening on Sunday afternoons. They had a wonderful swimming hole and beautiful areas of picnics before the rides really moved in. Jumping to 1926 they put in a large swimming pool called "The Crystal Pool" which was really just a large area of the filtered stream water. They even offered up high dives for those daring enough. The same year the grand carousel moved in and since they've kept adding rides! You can read the full history on their website, which is far more in-depth then I can give!

Knoebels currently offers some amazing classic attractions including two world class wooden roller coasters: The Phoenix (Previously the Rocket from San Antonio Texas) and Twister (Based off the original Mr. Twister from Colorado). Knoebels is also the only park crazy enough to build a new "Flying Turns" coaster from scratch, the first built in 50 years! If that isn't enough to get you excited, well I can't help you!

They also have an orignal dark ride "The Haunted Mansion" which was relocated from another park and is recognized as the best traditional haunted house currently standing today!
The Grand Carousel still has the "Brass Ring" which you can take a grab at from their outside horses, to my knowledge this is the only carousel left in the country with this blast from the past our parents remember. I can't tell you how much silly fun it is, even as an adult, to try and catch that golden ring for a free ride!

In case you didn't notice, Knoebels loves to take the cast-offs from other parks and give them the beauty and life these attractions deserve. Not replace them with the newest thing. Their newest addition is "Black Diamond" which was relocated from Morey's Peirs in Wildwood, NJ.

If your ever near by, Knoebels is a classic park with attractions for all ages. They still run off a ticket system or you can purchase an unlimited ride band. So you can ride as much or as little as you really want! So make sure you swing by and enjoy this hidden gem!

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