Monday, July 16, 2012

Roadside America- Morey's Piers

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Today' we're taking a look at one of my favorite places to visit anytime I'm in Southern New Jersey. Because if you've never spent the time on the Wildwood Boardwalk, your not only missing history your missing a fun time... just watch out for that damn tram car!

Morey's Piers is today's offering for Roadside America.
Why New Jersey?
Yeah, it's not my favorite state either but if you know anything about amusement park history or even history in general Boardwalks where the popular past-time of most Americans in the past. The beach and the amusements which sprung up around them are a huge piece of Americana and worth a side trip to enjoy! Besides Morey's Wildwood is the Birthplace of Doo-Wop and still keeps it's history alive with lot's of classic 50's styling! It's history runs so far into music it's even got it's own song, Bobby Rydell's "Wildwood Days" and as soon as you hear it you know summer is here!

Morey's Piers, collectively came into existence in 1969 and is currently second generation owned by the Morey Brothers. Finding a lot of detailed history is difficult since "Morey's Piers" include three different piers jutting out into the beach. The oldest pier is Surfside Pier, located on 25th Avenue and was the firs to be purchased by the Morey Brothers. Mariners Landing (Marine Pier) is on Schellenger Avenue and Adventure Pier (Convention Hall Pier) on Spencer Avenue where added later.
Currently Morey's has an offering of 6 roller coasters, including 'The Great Nor'Easter', 'Sea Serpent' and 'Great White'  being the big boys on the beach. Each is more thrilling then the last with my personal favorite being 'Great White' because I LOVE wooden coasters! However Morey's offers much more then just coasters, they have an array of flat rides for the whole family. If rides aren't exactly your style, Never Fear! Morey's even has a complete water park off Mariners Landing called "Raging Waters' to cool off from that hot summer sun!

So if you find yourself in Southern New Jersey and itching for some history... head to the boardwalk!

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