Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roadside America- Lakemont Park

Good Morning Folks!

Since Daily Distractions is currently focusing on "Roadside America" and all the fun little parks and places you find outside of the theme park giants, I've got a new title and banner for this series! Many thanks to my Photoshop Fox for making me these pretty things!

Today we're going to look at Lakemont Park!
It's a small, seasonal amusement park in Altoona, PA. While it may be small it's got some truly classic rides and has been operated by the same family since the 1940's. Like many parks in the NorthEast, it began life as a trolly park They are also in possession of the worlds OLDEST roller coaster, an original "Leap the Dips" side friction coaster! They also have a classic set of Antique Cars and a beautiful Carousel.

While Lakemont Park might not be the biggest nor most impression amusement park you've ever seen it's got beautiful scenery and a truly classic piece of ride history!

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