Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roadside America- Holiday World

Good Morning Folks!
I hope your enjoying my crazy tour off the beaten path, because I always find it fun to explore new places and parks. Outside of the giant parks we've all heard of because these things do exist!

Keeping on with our crazy tour, today's offering I'm told isn't considering an a giant. It's often forgotten and overlooked by folks outside of the "know" on theme parks and amusement parks. To say this shocked me is a bit of an understatement, so I simply had to bring it to light here.

Holiday World is located in Santa Clause, Indiana.
It's been in the same family for three generations, each one adding their own special mark to the park. It began life in 1946 as "Santa Clause Land" which had toy shops and displays, children's rides and naturally.. Santa! Over the years the Koch family expanded the park to include other favorite holidays like "July 4th" and "Halloween". The most recent addition happened in 2006 to add in "Thanksgiving" as it's own land! Please follow the link for more on the parks history, they have a far better story then I do!
Holiday World has won many coveted "Golden Ticket" awards as well as being rated "Americas Top Value Park" thanks to their family owned and operated practices.  Holiday World holds some of the highest standards in the Theme Park industry and it shows in their ratings!  I'm sure you've heard rumors of that theme park that offers completely FREE Soft Drinks? Yes, This is Holiday World! They also have Free Sunscreen, Free Wi-fi and most amazingly FREE PARKING!

So if your looking for someplace to go that's off the normal pathway, please consider Holiday World. You'll never be disappointed in your service or your trip!

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