Monday, August 27, 2012

Kings Island: Son of Beast Demolition UPDATE

Howdy Folks, 
 I'm sorry that Insanity Lurks Inside has been quiet for so long lately. However we've been massively busy with that annoying reality type thing but never fear! We've got a ton of updates and stories which we've been following lately but haven't gotten written up yet, so please keep your eyes open for them.

UPDATE: Son of Beast Demolition

 A friend of mine was recently at Kings Island, knowing that Son of Beast is scheduled for demolition very shortly he was kind enough to snap several pictures of the soon to be lost coaster for us. So far it doesn't look as if the work has yet begun on removal, at least in what is visible from the show side of the park. 

All Picture Credit to Robert Graham

So far even Google Maps still shows the coaster as a complete piece. However it's hard to say when these where last updated or when they will be updated again.  However we will do our very best to keep everyone posted and updated with information as it comes to us about the destruction of a Roller Coaster Legend.
If you have updates, information or picture you'd like to share with Insanity Lurks Inside please feel free to email us anytime!  InsanityLurksInside@Gmail.Com

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