Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All the Little Things- Late August Edition

All those little things...

It happens to everyone, you stumble upon those smaller articles that while really fun and interesting, just don't dictate an entire blog post. So here you go folks, the random posts from Google+ and Facebook! This is picking up from our later "All those little things.." post covering Mid and Late August News links.

**Disney World** D-Tech Me Princesses
 **Seaworld Orlando**  Luau Ending

**Dinner Shows** Orlando- Camelot Knights

**Hershey Park** Roller-Soaker for Sale
**DisneyLand** Tomorrowland of '67

**Disney World** Fantasyland Expansion
**Legoland Florida** They've lost their minds..

**Funny-As-Hell** Halloween Horror Nights "Celebrity Houses that really SCARE you!".
**Cedar Point** GateKeeper

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