Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is the END near for Wonders of Life?


Yesterday on Stitch Kingdom some rather alarming news broke into our normal day.

  Disney World has filed a Notice of Commencement for "Selective Demolition" on the Festival Center which as we should all know by now is the Wonders of Life Pavilion. Once housing such things as BodyWars and Cranium Command,  it was been sitting mostly unused since it's final season in 2006. 

  Now the bigger problem is, 'Selective Demolition' can really mean anything. However I decided to do some research and basiclly 'Selective Demolition' is the gutting of a building, one website describes it as "Selective Demolition, sometimes known as strip-out can include, but is not limited to, the removal of exterior/interior equipment, walls, floors and ceilings". 
  If you'd like to read the public notice, please follow "THIS LINK".

  So in a nutshell we are looking at the true death of this pavilion which has been sitting forever, barely used with most of it's core attractions still in place... to a point. We know BodyWars has been stripped down to an entirely unsafe level to support save money on parts for Star Tours. We know Cranium Command is still sitting while poor Buzzy gathers dust bunnies. We know 'The Making of Me' has been turned into festival space.

  It's just very sad, to see another pavilion going up in flames of nothingness at Epcot. This is how we lost such great attractions like 'Horizons' and this is exactly how our beloved Figment went missing for so very many years. While I've been pushing for years for this space to be re-used I have severe doubts that we'll see anything but more festival space and not a re-birth of a pavilion here. However I hope that Disney and Epcot will surprise me but the way things have been going, I can't say I've got high hopes.

Goodbye Wonders of Life, Many of us shall remember your story and history.

..I just hope someone saves poor Buzzy!
Don't just let him go down with his sinking ship!


  1. This reminds me of this video:

    1. I watched that today and posted it around on G+ and FB. A truly beautiful piece RL!