Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beer and Wine in Magic Kingdom: End of the World or Stupid Over-reaction?

Booze in Magic Kingdom
Mass overreaction or End of the World?

 In the words of the Late and Great Douglas Adams: 

Alright, in case your living under a rock or just not up on what happens in the secular kingdom of Disney World let me enlighten you. Several days ago Magic Kingdom made an announcement that inside the 'New Fantasyland' restaurant of "Be Our Guest" they will be service beer and wine only during the dinner hours. 

This apparently sparked the reaction from people of "OMG End of da WORLD! Drunks will abscond with children! Everyone will be drunk all the time! It's not safe!" or some other such bullshit drama. Apparently they didn't bother to actually READ anything that either Orlando Sentinel or Disney Parks Blog said about the matter before they panicked like a bunch of sheep. 

(Seriously, I hate it when people panic like sheep because they don't bother to read!)

If you look at the article even the Sentinel posted (Which you can find Right Here) and read down just a piece, you can easily see this is during 'Dinner Hours Only'. The 'Be Our Guest' restaurant is sit-down, table service during dinner. This means it's a real restaurant, you sit at a table and they bring your order to you.. it's not "Quick Service" or "Counter Service" where you grab your food and find your own table like many of the Magic Kingdom Restaurants. 
So this means while your having your dinner, your allowed to indulge in a drink or three. With Dinner. 

Do you see where I'm going with this yet?

It's not worse then if you went to Olive Garden and had a glass with your Lasagna. It's not the end of the world as we know it, to quote R.E.M. It's normal and damn near every other good restaurant (and some not-so-good ones) offer it. It's not like a roaming band of DRUNKS will be stumbling around Magic Kingdom, Open beer in hand and showing your children adults can have fun too! 

(But I'll tell you what, it'd probably make 'It's a Small World" a hell of a lot more tolerable!)

Frankly letting Mommy and Daddy have a drink or two with dinner will probably make their entire "Disney Experience" at Magic Kingdom a hell of a lot nicer. Who doesn't want a nice cold beer or that relaxing glass of wine after a day (or week) having had your kids have been spazzing out or even crying off and on all day?  Most do and let's face it, many parents probably won't over-indulge in front of their hell-spawn anyway.

Plus there is one more important thing your all forgetting. The Prices.
Have you seen the prices at your local watering hole? $2 drafts and $3 domestic bottles is about the normal for most of the places I've been. However this isn't a local watering hole, it's Disney World. Nothing is cheap at Disney World and neither are the selections 'Be Our Guest' is offering, so if your really out to get drink I doubt your going to do it at the lovely prices of $6.75 (for the cheapest beer) and $9/$39 (for the cheapest glass/bottle of wine). 

For those of you still reading and curious, please follow "THIS LINK" for a .PDF file of the 'Be Our Guest' Restaurant Menu of their Beer and Wine offerings.

(Besides, that's what the bar at the Resort is for!)

So let's all sit down, relax and raise a glass. This is nothing to get your collective panties in a knot over. It's Dinner. 

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