Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Universal Resorts and Waterparks?!


Well, I can't say I'm surprised with this one.

There has been a rumor for years, that Universal Resorts wanted to add in themed waterpark's to their already growing full service resorts. Universal Orlando has had this rumor following in around since early 2001 and it looks like there is some form of truth to the matter.

Universal apparently holds Patents on some new "Water Park" technologies, as another website Park Rumors as brought to the light with good explanations of how each would work. I have to admit, it's a bit crazy but it looks to be a pretty awesome ride when it comes down to it. I'll attempt to summarize it for you but naturally, all credit to them for finding these gems!

The frist one and most impressive being an "Articulated Water Slide" meaning multiple and movable tracks. The general idea is it would allow a guest or rider to pick what style they want, such as "Mild" or "Wild" then moving the track that fits that dialed request into place. 

All pictures from ParkRumors.Com

You have to admit, it looks scary but it's that kind of scary that screams "You know you want to ride me! Do it! Dooo IT!".  Now I freely admit I'm not the biggest fan of Water Parks but this being implemented would be enough to get even me into a bathing suit and paying admission. The other two images are a more detailed explaination of the main picture, gives you a slightly better idea what on earth their thinking!

Now, The other two new pieces of technology aren't as impressive as a waterslide that will change it's colors depending on the rider but still seem pretty interesting. The first is a multi-directional wave pool, which is pretty easy to figure out. It would allow different waves to go to different areas of a wave pool, even allow for a circular wave pool. ParkRumors.Com found the full patent and even directions on how it would work online, so I'm not even going to try and translate that much and will simply tell you to go look at the pretty pictures!

The last one honestly seems pretty cool, it would allow visual effects to be created within the water/beach area. Projected somehow onto a surface allowing a better illusion of whatever themeing or idea the park is attempting to go with at the moment. 

A Special Thanks to ParkRumors.Com for finding all this info!


  1. It does sound awesome, I just wonder what the reliability will be like as well as how the "change over" time for the new layout will work without causing to much of a line back-up!

    Guess we're all going to just have to wait and see!