Sunday, March 31, 2013

Favorite Imaginary Theme Park? The Results!

Imaginary Theme Parks: Movies

 Last week I was asked a rather random question, what was my favorite imaginary theme park from the movies? While I was personally tied between two choices, it got me thinking. What movie created theme park would people most enjoy visiting? So I posted up a poll to find out what would win! While this was no means official nor could I remember every single imagined amusement park from the movies, I think I offered up a nice selection!

So here are the candidates!

Spooky Island
From Scooby Doo
Picture from
Jurassic Park
From Jurassic Park
Picture From

Wally World
From National Lampoons 
Image from

Pleasure Island
From Pinocchio
Image from


From The Emperors New Groove
Image from

Price Amusements
From The House on Haunted Hill (1999 Remake)
Image from

From Beverly Hill Cop 3
Image from

Super Silly Funland
From Despicable Me
Image from

Pacific Playland
From Zombieland
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Now, onto the winner!

The poll was up for 10 days and I thank those of you who voted for your favorite! However, we had a very clear winner and I have to admit I was rather surprised considering the movie and the general ending involved. However if given the choice, I'd probably go there myself even with the disastrous results!
Image from

Jurassic Park

Now, we can all admit that Jurassic Park has it's own area at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando. However if someone got crazy enough to build the park as it was meant to be in the movie, as a zoo/theme park, I'd go wild. Yes, it's probably a bad idea. The movie taught us that, but even with the risks of the "running and the screaming" plus the whole 'eaten by a lizard' problem.. 
Yeah, I'd still go.

The Second and Third runners up where clearly marked with "Spooky Island" from Scooby Do in second place and "Kuzcotopia" from The Emperors New Groove in third.

So I'll pose this question to you, the readers, which of these parks would you most like to visit? Tell me why and if I forgot someplace, tell me that too for the next time I offer up this kind of a poll!

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