Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 2013 Haunt Review List- A work in Progress

Is it Halloween already?! 
Girl, your nuts.

Yes, I know I'm crazy but that's all just part of my charm! 
Needless to say it's now April and that means it's time to buckle down and start planning the massive "Haunted House Hit List" for September/October this year. Trying to cover as much ground as possible and still provide quality reviews, we're trying to find new haunted houses that we haven't experienced yet while keeping to a tight budget. So with that, let's get down to business!

We'll be canvasing the following areas:
Northeast Ohio.
Lancaster/Central Pennsylvania
Central Florida
West Virginia

So, we're looking for YOUR recommendations. Is there a haunt we simply shouldn't miss? Something that made you piss your pants and scream like a small child? Have a heart attack and live to tell about it? Then we WANT to know! So pipe up people, use that comment box and tell us what we can't miss this year! If your feeling entirely too shy to use that scary comment box you can tell us other ways such as:

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