Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buccaneer Bay Water Park to Re-Open Fully this Summer!

Time for some 'Feel Good New' which we all enjoy hearing!

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This summer, after a long recovery and fighting with FEMA, The Buccaneer Bay Water Park in Waveland, Mississippi will finally complete stage three construction this spring. The park was a complete loss after taking a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, since then they've been slowly re-opening in stages as money from FEMA trickled in.  Now, if we could just kick FEMA in the ass a little harder to get people back into homes and clean up the mess, we'd be in good shape again!

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Buccaneer State Park is happy to announce that the construction will be over and the final area which contains the wave pool, water slide, wadding pool and concussion area will finally open to the public. This good news also helps out the state park which will finally complete construction on support facilities for the campers and those who travel with RV's.  Buccaneer State Park once had the largest number of daily visitors in the state and with the help of the water park, they hope those numbers will return with it's re-opening.

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It's always good to hear of a small, local water park coming back after such a devastating hit like Hurricane Katrina.

For more information on Buccaneer State Park and Buccaneer Bay Water Park please visit the Mississippi State Parks website or simply click on the link! 

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