Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Universal Orlando DENIES Harry Potter Expansion in 2014

Not-so-Breaking News

Here we go again, on one of my favorite 'ranting' topics! The rumored 2014 'London' expansion of Wizarding World of Harry Potter supposedly coming to Universal Studios.

Well we all know Universal Orlando is in the middle of a giant boom due to the wild success of Wizarding World of Harry Potter which opened in 2010. We've seen this with the new Despicable Me attraction which replaced the ailing Jimmy Neutron. We've watched a brand new Transformers: The Ride 3D go up in a matter of mere months to the point it's nearly ready to open shortly for the mad summer rush. The rumored "Springfield Project" expansion which is going up outside of The Simpsons Ride which may or may not feature carnival style flat rides.  However, does that really mean that giant construction project in the previous Amity Island location is the much rumored Wizarding World London expansion? 

Image from the awesome folks at OrlandoParkNews.Com

Alright, we can't deny whatever this project is... it's MASSIVE. It's beyond massive, it's makes my mind twist around in giddy circles like a dog chasing it's tale with the unknown possibilities of "WHAT IS IT?!".  Which, as you should know, drives me completely crazy. 

Now, the LONG KNOWN problem I have with this being Wizarding World Part 2 (WWp2 for short) is the fact that in February of this year Universal Spokesmen have flat out said that a "A Harry Potter Expansion is NOT coming in 2014" nor have they leaked a word to the press of what this huge building project could be. Now this peice doesn't deny it's WWp2 but it doesn't confirm it either. Frankly I'm still fence sitting on this project no matter how much supposed 'intentional leaking' is done through certain other websites. Personally, I still see entirely to many logistical problems around moving WWp2 into a second park and that's it's about the dumbest idea I've heard since Kings Island tore out the loop on Son of Beast and magically expected it to work right... but again, that's just me. I'm sure you've heard my "Separate Parks Harry Potter Problem" rant before so I won't bore you with it again.

Universal Orlando Resort is a master of misdirection and lately have proven to be even more stealthy then Walt Disney World with their internal secrets. Let's be serious, those of us who flow within the Theme Park circuit tend to know what Disney World is doing before Disney signs the contact papers (the exception being Avatar because NONE of us guessed that one or if we did, we thought it was a nightmare). Now I will admit, This thing has (in my opinion) about a 75% chance of being WWp2 (GROAN) because my husband KitsuneHazard and I have done some fishing and came up with one disturbing image.
Left image from OrlandoUnited.Com. Right image

Yeah. I know. It looks a LOT like Kings Cross Station in London. That alone makes me bump up my normal odds of 50% on this construction being WWp2 up towards a more respective 75%.  I'm not thrilled as I'd much rather see a new, unique 'movie themed attraction' going into this spot but I know Harry Potter is a giant money machine right now for Universal.  Although with the announcement from the Orlando Business Journal it won't be in 2014 at all, so the soonest we could see this still mysterious area open would be 2015 or later.

However, I still stand fully by my complete and utterly motionless fence sitting ways. Until someone from Universal Orlando steps out onto a platform and tells the world "Okay, you got us. It's Wizarding World of Harry Potter London Edition" I'm not moving from this fence post! So take this rather late breaking news as you will just know whatever it is that is being built, it probably won't be opening for the 2014 season if Universal Spokespeople are telling us the truth.

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  1. Well Sadly, I was wrong. A week or two after this post Universal did announce Harry Potter was coming to Studios. However, I still have a lot of the same doubts which I talk about in this post.