Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kings Island Announces Banshee

The Newest, World Record Breaking Roller Coaster
Coming to Kings Island in 2014

Tonight at 10pm Kings Island in Kings Mills, Ohio announced the World Record Breaking Coaster Banshee which is taking over the spot once occupied by the ill fated 'Son of Beast'. This space in the park as be empty and desolate for five years now since the once great coaster went quiet after a spat of injuries, accidents and lawsuits.
Image from Kings Island

 Banshee is a much needed and much anticipated project for Kings Island who hasn't built a new coaster since 2009 when Diamondback opened to the public. Finally we're seeing progress in getting much needed fresh blood into the park as well as a coaster that will "chew through a line" as the term is known. A high capacity, high excitement ride. Banshee is the will be the world record holder for "Worlds Longest Inverted

Image from Kings Island

 The stats for Banshee are also pretty damned impressive, they need to be in order to be a record breaking! Banshee is a Inverted roller coaster with the following stats...
Height: 167 feet
Drop: 150 feet
Speed:  68MPH
Inversions: 7
Length: 4,124.1
Ride Duration: 2 minutes 40 seconds

Image from Kings Island

 The theme for Banshee is also pretty interesting, coming from legend. They mourn the passing of others and wail when someone is about to die. Some also say it's a woman who died or a woman who lost her child. So this theme is really very fitting for a ride which is taking over the grave of a titan.

(Side Note: I was RIGHT!)

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