Friday, August 9, 2013

Six Flags Great America- Announcement Coming Soon?

Six Flags Great America
Building Something for 2014?

 Well it looks like Six Flags Great America in Chicago, Illinois isn't going to be dissuaded by all the hype coming out of Kings Island. They also have some kind of a new ride coming to their park in 2014 and have provided a teaser trailer that doesn't really give away any information. Some rumors are stating 'Coaster' while others are expecting a flat ride.

UPATE 8/16/13 and 8/19/13
We have new rumors and news coming from Six Flags Great America today, so much it deserved it's own post on the blog! So please visit the link below for updated information about what may be coming in 2014!

 Never Fear, InSanity lurks Inside will be keeping up with the 2014 announcements as they come!

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