Thursday, September 26, 2013

Banshee Watch - September 26

Hey all!!!

Alex here,

With Carrie plugging away at #HHN23 in Universal Studios Florida (I'm so jealous considering the weather here up North) I caught sight of the newest pictures that King's Island posted on Facebook of the Banshee track.

This ride looks AMAZING!!!!  I can't wait for April to get here, I wanna ride this beauty so bad!! (Be aware I'm going probably sound like some annoying fangirl but sorry, at this point I kind of am)

Photo: Columns and track for the lift hill on Banshee are going up.

Here is the opening lift hill and columns!!!! This is the hill that will take riders up 167ft and drop them 150ft!!!

Photo: This stretch of track will take riders back into the station on Banshee.

This lovely view is of the end of the ride on your way back to the station, so in other words at this point King's Island hopes that you no longer have a voice or that you are dead in your seat.

I honestly agree with Carrie in that I can't believe how quickly this coaster is getting put up but since I also live in the "winter hell zone" I do know what our winters can be like so I can see why they are try to avoid construction during that hell.

I know I have every intention of dying my hair for opening day. :)

Keep tuned to the blog for more Banshee updates and for updates on the Haunt Tour!!

Hugs to all!!

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