Friday, September 20, 2013

Rumor Alert- New Coaster for Six Flags Great Adventure in 2015?

 Screamscape has posted a rumor today regarding Six Flags Great Adventure, one that seems interesting to those of us who know the park.

 Rumor has it that Six Flags Great Adventure may be building a new roller coaster for 2015. This will something to replace the loss of Rolling Thunder which is being removed to make way for the 2014 "Zumanjaro" drop tower that is attached to the back of Kingda Ka.  Apparently this rumor has been popping up since it was announced that Six Flags would be removing Roller Thunder. Screamscapes best guess is that this could be yet another Rocky Mountain Coaster, similar to Goliath which is being added to their Chicago park.

 However, they point out a very valid point which I fully agree with. By removing Rolling Thunder the park now lacks a basic wooden coaster, one that younger and new riders can 'get their feet wet' with before going after some of the bigger rides.  While I'm all for crazy and new things, the classic has a special charm and Six Flags Great Adventure is quickly loosing that as more classic coasters are being removed.

 More on this rumor as gossip filters in!

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