Friday, September 20, 2013

Carowinds will recieve a New Coaster with their Expansion

Recently we talked about the 3 year, $50 Million Dollar expansion that is going into Carowinds Park.

 Well it seems like the local news has also been talking about the planned expansion of the Cedar Fair park, to the point we now know that Carowinds will receive a roller coaster with some of this expansion money.  Screamscape reported that the park will also get nearly another million from the county of Mecklenburg in tax rebates for upgrading the park and bringing in new jobs.

 The really interesting part of this is that a closed session transcript showed up online from the Charlotte Observer, which reports that nearly $30 million will be spent on a 'New Roller Coaster that is 70 feet taller then Intimidator". This means Carowinds will receive not only a new roller coaster but one that is over 300 feet tall!   However, there is no timeline or year for when this new coaster could open. Just sometime in the next three years.

 Also in that same article is a list of what Cedar Fair plans to spend their investment one, aside from one jumbo-size roller coaster. $2.5 Million will go to a new 'water slide' of some form, $7 Million will go to building the rumored new 'food' complex and finally $4 Million will be spent between ticket booth and parking lot improvements.

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