Friday, September 13, 2013

Seaside Park, Seaside Heights and Boardwalk Fire

While Carrie and Kitsune are doing the media tour for #HauntTour2013 at #BuschGardensWilliamsburg I am posting (my first, so be kind!) regarding yesterday's fire at Seaside Park, New Jersey.

The fire started yesterday afternoon at a Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard stand around 2:15 p.m. and winds of 30mph pushed the fire into the neighboring businesses.
Firefighters work at the scene of a massive fire on Sept. 13 at Seaside Heights, N.J. The 6-alarm fire burned the recently repaired boardwalk, which was damaged last year by Hurricane Sandy.
Picture from USA Today article

The 84-year-old Funtown Pier amusement park was unfortunately caught in the blaze and collapsed.  This is made even more tragic by the fact it was to reopen next year after being rebuilt from the damage it suffered from Hurricane Sandy.

The Funtown Pier sign blazes during Thursday's 10-alarm fire, which ended up gutting 32 businesses.
(picture from NY Daily News article)

At top is a September 6, 2013 aerial photo of the Funtown Pier, still in the process of being rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy, and below is the same area as seen on Thursday afternoon.
(Before and during photos of the Funtown Pier.  From New York Daily News/ ABC)

The historic Carousel Arcade, the centerpiece was a 90+ year old carousel, with 58 hand carved wooden animals and the rest of the arcade featured pinball, video games, Skee Ball and other games of chance, was lost in the devastation yesterday which should make everyone sad since this wonderful building and ride survived Hurricane Sandy's destruction.

(Photo from Google)

According to an article from USA Today, Gov. Christie states that the actual cause of the fire is still unknown and there are still at least 100 firefighters on scene.

While most people know of Seaside Heights from the MTV show 'Jersey Shore', and please keep any opinions of the show and the "actors" to yourself, this whole situation is very sad and heartbreaking considering how hard the whole area was hit in 2012.

We here at ISI are very glad that there was no loss of life in this blaze and just minor injuries to the firefighters, and being from a firefighter family this makes me even happier.

We will update with more news as we get it.

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