Monday, September 16, 2013

Something may be Fishy at Freestyle Music Park

 Over the last month several sitings of activity at the now defunct "Hard Rock Park" located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Beginning in August, Screamscape reports that folks have been seeing a lot of activity around the "Time Machine" (or once known as Led Zeppelin-The Ride). This week, more activity has been spotted as they report that 'Time Machine' was seen loaded onto the track and perhaps even testing. Earlier in August one person reported that the ride had been loaded with water-dummies and looked to possibly be testing.

Time Machine/Led Zeppelin-The Ride
 What does this mean?

 Honestly, I don't have a stinkin' clue. The ride could be in the process if being sold to someone and their are testing before moving the ride out? Perhaps someone is going to us the ride for movie or television? Could the park be going through testing before a sale? This wouldn't be entirely unusual as the park as been in 'proposed' sale in the past.

 Hard Rock Park has had a troubled history since it's inception, not even surviving a year before it was shuttered. Later it reopened for another season in 2009 under the name of "Freestyle Music Park" and closed again before 2010. Most blame the downturn in the economy which happened in 2008, causing the park to open during the worst possible time. Others believe it's because the park is in a very seasonal resort area, not allowing it to make the proposed numbers quota.

 Since it's closing in 2009, parcels of the park's undeveloped property have been sold off. I wouldn't be overly surprised if the current holding company, FPI US LLC was attempting to sell off the rides and attractions in order to unload the 55 acres of land they sit on today.

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