Sunday, October 6, 2013

Banshee Watch - October 6

Good evening peoples!!!!

King's Island has posted more photos of Banshee's construction on Facebook and they look amazing as usual.

I'm going to jump right into it because like I've said before, that's really why you're here.

So first we've got: Photo: The first drop on Banshee is going to be wicked.

This is the first drop and I must say this look neat.  I love how it twists and then you're on the outside.  So ingenious. (Seriously where are they getting this beautiful looking weather!! I'm so jealous right now)

Next picture we've got is:

Here is the first drop almost complete.  I'm not a fan of the angle of this picture but what can we do?  It's hard to tell what's going on with the trees there but I would not have them get rid of the trees since once it all grows back in this baby will be a hell of a ride.

I can't wait for them to get to the building of the loop which goes around lift hill and that will be neat as hell.  I love when coasters interact with each other or go around on itself.

So, before I sign off for the article I just wanted to let people know that we (ISI) do have a fan page on Facebook (we know that many people don't like FB but unfortunately many parks still use it for numbers since they aren't up on G+) and we would love for you give us a "Like" if you have Facebook page: InsanityLurksInside Facebook

Thanks to all who are sticking with my mini updates on Banshee.  See you around on G+.

Hugs to all. 

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