Monday, October 21, 2013

The Silence is Broken- Mickey Mouse Speaks at Magic Kingdom

 News today from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

 For a very long time, when kids and adults alike meet Mickey Mouse he's always been silent... until today. The beloved characters which only used to communicate through gestures and motions finally have a voice. Through a new system, Mickey Mouse can now speak and interact with guests who visit him at 'Backstage with Mickey'  where you will find the icon dressed as a magician.  This meet-and-greet is located near the entrance of the Magic Kingdom Park and offers a Fast-Pass option. 

 Mickey, who speaks in a high pitched voice, now interacts verbally with visitors. Not only is the voice there but Mickey's eyes and mouth move in sync along with several phrases.  Some of these are "Well, Hi There" and "Can I sign that for you?".  Orlando Sentential also reports Mickey will engage the audience in longer bits with 'magic tricks'.

 While it's no secret that Mickey Mouse has never been my favorite among the wide range of Disney characters (I'm a strict Donald Girl when it comes to the main  Disney characters), I think this will be a great improvement to characters park wide. Perhaps, in time, Disney will implement this system for their other iconic characters.

 Disney also states this is NOT a 'Limited Time Magic' item and will be a permanent addition to Magic Kingdom. 

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