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Haunt Review- Haunted Hillside

Haunt: Haunted Hillside
Where: Mount Pleasant, PA
When: October 18th, 2013
Price: $17
Dates/Times: Friday-Saturday 7pm-12am Sunday 7pm-10pm
Rating: Good (For a First Year Haunt)
Recommendation: Check it out if your in the area!
Website: Haunted Hillside 2013

We were invited by Haunted Hillside to review their first year haunted attraction. This has in no way swayed or altered our opinion of this or any haunt we visit.

 One thing you must know about Haunted Hillside is the fact they are new. Brand new. They just opened in 2013 with only six weeks total to put together their haunted walking trail.  For such a short timeline they've gone a great job but it does need some work (again, brand new any haunt needs work their very first season). This haunt is local and freshly home-grown which really lends it a properly spooky air.

 Honestly we didn't know exactly what we were walking into with this attraction simply because we didn't even notice it opened up in our own backyard until Kitsune found a flyer lurking in a local store. We both were surprised and pleased to see a new haunt show up! After speaking to their owners, we learned just how new they are. 

 Overall what they've done in such a short time period is amazing. We were very pleased to find this long, well thought out attraction, even if it was rather cold and wet by the time we arrived. I can't tell you anyone who could pull off something better with only six weeks of notice. For their first season I have to say, this haunt has a LOT of promise! I won't tell you it was amazing but it is good, you won't see some of their scares coming and they couldn't ask for a better setting.

Plus a good portion of their admission cost is being donated to chairty, haunting for a good cause!

Keep Reading for a Full Review!

 Haunted Hillside is located on 819 in Mount Pleasant, PA. Technically they are located right at Sand Hill Berries, a well known local berry farm.  That alone should tip you off just what kind of a haunted attraction your walking into and I do mean walking.  This haunt is 3/4 of a mile long over farm terrain so make sure your not only dressed for the weather but that your in good walking shoes!

 This is a story-driven haunted attraction, you will be stopped at two points and given the backstory around this attraction. With that your going to learn just what dark forces are roaming through the corn fields. The story is simple but detailed involving two farm boys who unleash an unholy demon that now prowls the area, picking off the souls of unsuspecting visitors. Very dark things are running loose in the fields of Haunted Hillside and they want you to join their unholy ranks! Their themeing is simple and follows the story but the party piece at the end is really amazing!

 Inside your going to encounter corn people, faceless women, car accidents, abandoned vehicles, missing people, things hanging from trees, hicks and even the pure darkness its-self. Fog effects are in use but thankfully they don't employ strobe lights, making this haunt unique in the fact they just don't need them!  The fact your walking through a field, at night is creepy enough but when you toss in all the ghouls they've got waiting for you the scares will be coming from random locations during your journey.

 Like any brand new attraction, they do have a few issues, most of them minor. They do need more actors on their trail as you will encounter some dead zone areas. Now, during our visit we learned several actors had to leave due to illness, this may well account for some of the dead areas we found.  The other part is after the end of the haunt, you do have a rather long walk back to the parking lot.  The only other thing I believe they need is more sigange along the road but I'm told they are working on that now!

 Other then this I believe this haunt has a great story and some really amazing potential, when they grow for the 2014 season I suspect we're going to see some amazing things coming from them.

 If your in Westmoreland County or Northern Fayette Counties, stop and check this place out!

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