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Haunt Review- Haunted Hills Estate

Haunt: Haunted Hills Estate
Where: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
When: October 18th, 2013
Price: $14-$25
Dates/Times: Through November 2nd. Thursday-Sunday
*Please Check Website for your day of Visit*
Rating: Very Good
Recommendation:  Worth it, Get Going but be aware this is a different style of haunt.
Website Link: Haunted Hills Estate

We where invited to visit Haunted Hills Estate as Media. This has in no way swayed or altered our opinion of this or any haunted attraction.

Haunted Hills Estate is a home-grown haunt that's still in touch with it's family roots. It feels down to earth and alive but it's the amazing actors which really bring this haunt to life. It's been several years since we last visited Haunted Hills Estates and they've improved!

 It really was a pleasure to visit this place and while it may be hard to find, it's worth your time to get out there. This is an interactive, story driven haunted attraction which is something often missing these days in the world of commercial haunts.  The actors expect answers when they ask a question, they will be in your face and in full character. It's the actors that make this haunt as great as it is and everyone should experience this kind of attraction, so get yourselves down there!

They offer three separate attractions and you can chose your ticket, visit one or all three, it's your choice. The offerings this season are- Legends, The Dead Chambers and The Challenge Trail. Although for $25 your get all three and they can take some time to get through, so plan to spend some time at this place.

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 As I said above, Haunted Hills Estate is a different type of haunted attraction from your normal scream-machine haunts. This place is story driven, so you'll be stopped inside at different locations and given parts of the story as you travel. While it may not sound scary at first, if you let yourself enjoy it and just go with the flow of the attractions you will find scares and terrors inside.


 Legends is a haunted attraction in which you'll encounter Dr. Hill's twisted experiments in tissue regeneration. Dr. Hill and his staff have all gone batshit bonkers and now stalk their secret testing facility looking for new doner's.

 This is a physically demanding maze. You will be forced to duck down, crouch and shuffle through tight areas, small hallways and very low roof-lines of the old barn which houses the attraction.  Not only does this lend the haunt a spooky air, the country setting gives you the feeling of really being transported into the story.  Inside you'll encounter the various patients and staff which work for the twisted Dr. Hill and their really excited to tell you their story and possibly use you as a new test subject.  You will wander both inside and outside, through multiple levels in this haunt. Please be aware they do have loud noises, heavy fog and strobe lights.

 Overall I really enjoyed Legends. It's got all the key pieces of being a great haunt with a little more work, my only complaint is that it could be longer. However, it's the wonderful actors who really tell the story of this attraction. Without them it would just be a spooky old barn lurking in on a farm, make sure you listen to the story thought because you'll have a LOT more fun!

The Dead Chambers

 Holy Cow, this is NOT what I was expecting when I saw the place. During our last visit this was 'Vampire' themed. With the change I think this haunt has hit on a serious winner with 'The Dead Chambers'. 

 Flag Football meets Zombies in this haunt. Your given a belt with two flags and told not to run but you have to survive the real living dead inside without becoming one of them. A confusing maze, you have to think and find your way out because they don't make it easy for you. All the while zombies are dogging your steps, trying to steal your flags and have you join their ranks of the living dead. They aren't the slow, stupid zombies either. They know your fresh meat and they want you!  I really can't tell you more without ruining the surprises and scares lurking inside, just know that you need to see this place.

 This is a great twist on your typical boring zombie haunt, one that I admit I seriously enjoyed. However, I will warn you- Heavy Fog and heavy use of strobe lights are inside. You do have to think and find your way out, this is interactive. If you get turned around and confused, eventually the staff will help you but by that time your zombie chow.  My only, very minor complaint is that this haunt also needs to be longer but never fear! When we spoke to the owners, they do plan some heavy expansion of this experience for the 2014 season. We can't wait to see what they do with it then!

The Challenge Trail

 Due to time constrains we didn't get to visit this attraction as it takes a full hour to complete. However, in the past it's been an good adventure through both fields and woodlands. This season you're expected to travel alone but with your group and have to use your collective skills as well as those of the group to master the tasks which lay inside. You're in an abandoned coal town, dropped down a mine shaft and expected to survive while keeping your own challenge card intact.

 Overall I really enjoyed Haunted Hills Estate. It's a very good story driven haunted attraction and it's worth your time and money to visit this location. Provided your willing to enjoy a good story with a lot of scares based around it.  As I said, this haunt is physically demanding and mostly outside, so make sure your ready for it.. have correct footwear and be dressed for the weather.

 As I stated above only a few things need some work and those are mostly minor length complaints. One of which we know is going to be fixed for next season! This home-grown haunt just has a different feel to it. If you allow yourself to enjoy it and the story, you will. If you go in like a moron trying to prove yourself all impressive to others, your probably not going to have a good time. This isn't a big budget haunt and frankly, in this world of commercial Halloween.. that makes it a rare gem hiding in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

Just go, you'll see what I'm taking about!

NOTE: Please make sure you check their website as time's and date's do vary. 

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