Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 Line Up for SeaWorld Orlando's Bands, Brew and BBQ! (*Updated*)

Seaworld Orlando's 2014 Bands, Brews and BBQ- Dates and Bands

 Today SeaWorld Orlando announced their current line up of bands as well as the dates for their yearly event of 'Bands, Brews and BBQ".  SeaWorld partners up with local restaurants and breweries with bring you good times and great food along with some of the biggest names in both Country and Rock.  

This event is included with your normal park admissions and is running 6 full weekends this season. Along with the highlight bands the park will have local bands playing earlier in the day as well as DJ's for those who want to dance until the main event begins. Some dates still are listed as "Coming Soon" so more artists will be added the the line up in the future.

Dates: Weekends from February 1st- March 9th, 2014
Event Area Opens at 11:30am, Bands being at 4pm. 

Please note that I have removed the band list from this page. It came to my attention that people have likely been using it to form attacks against some of the bands to hinder their plans to preform at Seaworld Orlando. As I support Seaworld Orlando and their Rescue/Conservation efforts I have removed the list for now. If you'd like to know more about why we support Seaworld, Please Visit: On The Topic of Seaworld and Blackfish.. 
On The Topic of Seaworld and Blackfish- Part 2

UPDATE 1/27/14:
Big News! A central Florida musician has stood up and shown his support for Seaworld Orlando in the most public way- By announcing he'll play at the troubled "Bands, Brews and BBQ" event.

Sir, I don't know who you are but I salute you! Don't give in to the hatred your undoubtedly receiving.

Click here for Details- Seaworld Orlando's "Bands, Brews and BBQ" Concert Update- Performer stands with Seaworld. 

UPDATE 1/29/14:
Big News!  The first weekend's artist for the "Bands, Brews and BBQ" event have been announced! Seaworld seems to be keeping the full list quiet and announcing each artist by the week, likely to keep the harassment of the artists to a minimum.  We'll be posting updates to this page as each set of artists are announced.. (To view the full announced post please visit- ISI's "Bands, Brews and BBQ" First Weekend.

UPDATE 2/7/14:
New Updates for the weekends artists for Seaworld "Bands, Brews and BBQ" Event.
The names they announce keep getting bigger and bigger, much better than the Original plans!
Gretchen Williams and Bill Engvall join to entertain people this weekend at Seaworld Orlando!

Concert Dates:  
February 1st, 2014- Alan Jackson 
February 2nd, 2014- Kid Rock
February 8th, 2014- Gretchen Williams
February 9th, 2014- Bill Engvall 

March 9th, 2014- Patrick Gibson  

Otherwise, Please Check Seaworld Orlando's Page for Bands, Brews and BBQ News-
Check Seaworld's Event Page for More Announcements! 

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