Friday, November 22, 2013

More Sad News- Saying Goodbye to Raging Wolf Bobs

More Grim News Today- Saying Goodbye to Raging Wolf Bobs

 This month has truly been a roller coaster of emotions. Good news is always peppered with the bad and this week is also no exception. We're loosing a modern legend, the end of an era and one of the biggest coaster mysteries to date.

 Raging Wolf Bobs. People speak of it in hushed whispers of reverence and then speculate wildly about one wooden coaster which as been sitting abandoned since the closure of Geauga Lake in 2007. 

 Now, I'm sure many of you haven't followed the odd history and the mystery of this ride so I'll refer you to to Geauga Lake- The Mystery of the Raging Wolf Bobs and a group of people with more mind-boggling knowledge about the park then I could ever have Geauga Lake Today and Forever.

 We know Raging Wolf Bobs was sold, we know it was being handled to Apex Western Machinery Movers. We know it was sold at auction for a reported $2,500 and a large portion of the track moved to an unknown owner.

 Not answers exist beyond those facts. No one knows for sure who the mystery owner is or if all the tracking was removed or only a portion of it. However,  today we're sorry to say what remains of the ride structure are being completely demolished.  This image spotted today over on Coaster Talk, No BS Zone seems to confirm the demise of yet another once amazing ride.

 Watching any coaster comes down tugs on the hearts of fans. It doesn't matter if you never had the chance to judge it for yourself, because now you never will. However, with Raging Wolf Bobs- Hope still exists. With an unknown owner perhaps sometime in the future the ride will once again claw it's way up for the ashes to howl again.

With Raging Wolf Bobs now gone, I can't help but wonder something. What is the fate of it's sister coaster, Big Dipper?

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