Friday, November 29, 2013

Banshee Charity Event- First Time Night Rides

 More information today about the opening day of both Kings Island and their newest, record breaking roller coaster- Banshee.

 On April 17th of 2014, Kings Island is offering a special event for fans of the new roller coaster and raising money for charity at the same time. In an event called "Scream For A Kid Again" Kings Island will be allowing the first 'night riders' on their new coaster exclusive ride time in return for raising money for 'A Kid Again' charity.

 A Kid Again is a Greater Cincinatti Charity which raises money for kids with life-threatening illness' and their families through respite times of group activities and destination trips. Allowing the kids to enjoy being a kid and having fun-filled times of happiness.

 For a $25 dollar fee riders can sign up to raise $100 each in donations. For the folks who raise the most money, will be the winners of the very first 'night ride' during Banshee's first day of full operations!

 In 2009 Kings Island raised more then  $107,000 with the same event for the opening of their 'Diamondback' roller coaster. Not only do you get special riding privileges, you do something good for kids!

 If you'd like to sign up and help raise money, please visit- Kings Island: Scream For A Kid Again

 We here at InSanity lurks Inside are thinking we may put together a ride team for this event. However, I need to confer with our team members! Stay Turned for more information! 

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