Saturday, December 28, 2013

Canada's Wonderland- Wonder Mountain's Guardian Name Change.. that isn't!

 Wonder Mountain's Guardian- Name Change isn't a Name Change.

 We've finally got some information in regards to the possible 'name change' rumor which has been circulation around Canada's Wonderland and their newest attraction, Wonder Mountain's Guardian.

  According to Screamscape, The name "Wonder Mountain's Guardian" will not change.  The name "Guardian-Quest for Gold" is simply the name of the 2014 seasons game which you play on the ride. Canada's Wonderland has now leaked that plan is to upgrade and change the 'game' played on the ride each season, keeping it new and fresh for park visitors.

 This also lends in to what many of us read during the 2013 IAAPA convention, where the creators and designers of the new attraction hinted that during Halloween a 'zombie' theme could be coming.

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