Saturday, December 28, 2013

Longest Alpine Coaster in the US- Coming to Massachusetts

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 Berkshire East Ski Resort is building the Longest Alpine Coaster in the US.

 Just approved, Berkshire East Ski Resort in Charlemont, Massachusetts will be building the largest alpine coaster in the US.  This new attraction will be installed near the ski area/canopy tour area of the resort.

 Reportedly a mile long, the 3,775 foot long decent will wind down the side of the mountain where currently not ski trails exist. The ride which will feature a total of 30 ride cars which each seat two people, the ride will travel down around 27 MPH. Featuring a true "lift hill" the cars will be pulled up from the bottom loading area and travel down, the ride will also feature the first automatic breaking system on an Alpine coaster. It will stop the ride if someone unbuckles their safety belt or if the car in front stops.

Co-owner Joe Schaefer has wanted to install an alpine coaster for years and plans to keep the ride open all year round, using terrain that isn't suitable for anything else.

For More Information Please Check- Mountain Coaster Ride Approved (

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